Here are some of the most  frequent questions we receive. If you have a Faq question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to chat with you.

Who are the Kinnisons?

We are former music educators with extensive training in voice, faq, piano, percussion, education, arranging, composition, and theory. We are a husband + wife team who work in tandem to provide the highest quality products on the market. We have found a faq need for choral musicians to have an faq opportunity to rehearse their music at home without the distraction of playing their own parts as they also try to sing. We are extremely passionate about our service and we faq look forward to playing a small role in your rehearsal process. Learn more here.

There are other people who make tracks. Why are you guys different?

Let us count the ways…

  • We know that the sound of our choral rehearsal tracks is unique in the industry because it is the closest sound to that of a REAL choir. There’s safety in numbers!
  • We also pride ourselves on singing each genre appropriately (you’re not going to sing Moses Hogan the same way you sing Palestrina). You practice how you perform so it should be artistically accurate!
  • We offer more TYPES of tracks (in particular, the mute track, which removes the singer’s part and lets them practice singing into the mix). This builds literacy and confidence. You won’t find this kind of track with every other provider.
  • The truth is, some track companies can’t relate to you. We’re educators at heart. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve spent nights at school planning. We’ve missed opportunities, family meals and events because of the time it takes to be a great choir director.
  • Other track providers do not also include teaching resources–you’re just getting the tracks. As you’ll recall, we’re adding these resources as quickly as we can to give you even more value, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • If you haven’t learned, we LOVE our customers and put a lot of effort into giving a good customer experience. You can call us or text us any time and we will take care of your needs.

Learn more about us here.

How can I pay for my new choral rehearsal track package?

After you fill out an order form, your invoice will be created. you can click the ‘pay now’ button in the bottom right corner of the invoice. We accept all major credit cards and accept payments through Paypal. If for any reason you need to mail us a physical check, please mail it to:

635 Paul Ave., Florissant, MO 63031

What type of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards, PayPal, mailed checks, and purchase orders.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Of course! Please let us know what paperwork and documents you need from us and we will send them your way.

Do you offer a bulk pricing of new choral rehearsal tracks?

Each and every song that we create a choral rehearsal track package for you is $180 – no matter if it’s a 3 part, 2 minute piece of music – OR – an 8 part, 5 minute piece of music. With this convenient pricing, our clients always know what they will pay each and every time. It makes it easier to budget out for teachers and non-profit organizations. We do not offer a bulk pricing for the sole reason that our pricing is essentially set up as a bulk order already.

Do I have to fill out an order form to order a new choral rehearsal track package that is not already in your library?

Yes. For songs that are not currently in our existing track library, you must fill out an order form. It will then create an invoice for you.

Won't rehearsal tracks keep my students from learning music literacy?

We’re so glad you asked. We are passionate about music literacy and see our rehearsal tracks as a rehearsal tool, not a replacement for learning notes and rhythms through robust music literacy. Our tracks replicate the experience of a live choir for singers so they can strengthen their part outside of your rehearsals and come back together confident and ready to make beautiful music.

What comes in a choral rehearsal track package?

When you order a new choral rehearsal track package, you’ll receive a full mix track, an accompaniment track (if applicable), part-specific tracks, part-specific left tracks, and part-specific mute tracks. This is the most comprehensive package in the industry! Order a new choral rehearsal track package here.

When you download a song from our existing track library, you have the option to select separate voice parts, accompaniment only, or the full package listed above! Shop our library here.

What is a part-specific mute track + what makes it so special?

A part-specific mute track is a audio file that is missing only one voice part. For example, an Alto I Mute Track will have everything sounding except for the alto I notes. When alto I and Alto II split, You will hear Alto II along with everything else. Most other track providers do NOT include this option in their packages.

What if I’ve already ordered a song from you? Do I have to order the same song each time I have my choirs learn that piece?

Absolutely not! Once you purchase a Choral Rehearsal Track Package from Kinnison Choral Co., you have it for life!

What if I lose my download or accidentally delete it?

No worries. Email us your invoice from when you purchased the choral rehearsal track package to hello@kinnisonchoralco.com and we will gladly resend you another copy.

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