Choral Rehearsal Track Packages Terms + Conditions

Intellectual Property

These recordings are the sole property of Charlie + Carrie Kinnison and Kinnison Music LLC. All tracks are only authorized for use by the purchaser and his/her choir. Illegal distribution will result in legal action.

Mechanical Licensing

Purchaser is not responsible for obtaining the mechanical licenses for each song downloaded or purchased through Kinnison Choral Co.’s website. Kinnison Music LLC will obtain the appropriate mechanical licenses for each song purchased by each customer. Mechanical licenses will be obtained every quarter (every 3 months) in bulk. Please note that you can only make the number of copies for each singer you have. It is illegal to create copies that are not licensed.


By purchasing choral rehearsal track packages from Kinnison Music LLC, you agree that distributing these files to other partnerships other than your own singers is prohibited.