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Select a Yearly Membership Plan for unlimited downloads from our existing track library (and add on unlimited custom choral rehearsal tracks if you'd like!)

Yearly Membership Plan

Yearly Membership Plan

Yearly Membership Plan

Yearly Membership Plan

Yearly Membership Plan

Yearly Membership Plan

Step in (or sign on) to each rehearsal with confidence.

Now more than ever, we feel the power of choral music. As rehearsals and concerts are cancelled, we feel the longing to create music together. Let’s make the most of the time we have, and maximize the time we have outside of rehearsal. Because the world needs your voice!

Imagine if your singers could walk (or sign on) to a rehearsal with complete confidence in their voices.

Covid – it’s been hard on our art. We feel alone. Isolated. And we miss the music.

The beauty of choir is that there is safety in numbers, and our voices together create something we never could alone. Now more than ever, singers crave the connection and confidence that come from using their voices in a group.

But what if there were a way to make the rehearsal time we do have together more productive?

Just like anything – practice makes perfect.

Whether you’re planning a virtual choir that needs a precise track to sing along with (to make the editing process easier!) or you are looking to keep engagement going while rehearsals are suspsended – we’ve got you covered.

Yearly Membership Options

Our Yearly Membership Plan allows you to get full access to our existing track library and, if you choose, unlimited new choral rehearsal track packages created just for your choir! See which membership option is right for you below.

Standard Yearly Membership ($649/yr)

Get full access to the entire library all year! Download as much as you want. This level is perfect for newer teachers, directors or choirs that only need a handful of tracks per year.

If you need us to create choral rehearsal tracks for a song we don’t currently have in the library, you can order a new rehearsal track package for our regular rate of $125/song.

Premium Yearly Membership ($1,299/yr)

Like the Standard Yearly Membership, this Membership level allows unlimited downloads from our choral rehearsal track library. In addition, you’ll get unlimited new choral rehearsal track packages created just for your choir!

Kinnison Choral Co.'s choral rehearsal tracks have been especially helpful for distance learning and I truly appreciate the beautiful musicality that is modeled for my students.

Stephanie AlleeSaint Louis Priory School

We have been working with Kinnison Choral Co. for the last two years. Their rehearsal tracks are impeccably produced and are invaluable tool for our choir to learn their voice parts. They deliver a high-quality product in a very timely fashion. Highly recommended.

Tom PtacekLogistics Manager - Community Gospel Choir of St. Louis

When it is come to learning tracks I only work with Kinnison Choral Co. My tracks are always done in a timely fashion and they are perfect. The students enjoy listening to them and I enjoy having them as they have made my rehearsals easier. If you need rehearsal tracks – this is the place to go.

Maria A. EllisGirlConductor.com

The Kinnisons have my enthusiastic recommendation! They have excellent arrangements and the rehearsal tracks they create are high quality.

Dr. David WrightMusic Judge, Composer, Arranger - Barbershop Harmony Society

How does it work?

It's super simple. First, decide which of the above Memberships is right for you. Then, click that yellow button below, and fill out the Yearly Membership Form. Pay the automatically-generated nvoice by card (or send a check by mail). Receive your personalized discount code within 24 hours of payment in full, which gives you full access to our existing track library (and unlimited new choral rehearsal track packages, if you choose our Premium option).

What if I direct multiple choirs? Can I use my Yearly Membership for both choirs?

The Yearly Membership Plan may only be used by one institution (school/church/non-profit organization, etc). For example, if you direct a church choir and a high school choir program and want tracks made for all of these choirs, you must purchase two Yearly Membership Plan subscriptions (one for the church choir and a second Yearly Membership Plan for the high school program). In cases where you do need two Yearly Membership Plans, please use separate email addresses when ordering.

What are your cancellation and refund policies for Yearly Memberships Plans?

Renewal: Your Yearly Membership Plan will NOT be auto-renewed. You will receive an email when your year is coming to an end to discuss renewal for the next year.

Cancellation: All purchases are final. The Yearly Membership Plan can be cancelled at the time of your renewal (one year from original purchase date).

Refunds: Refunds will not be given. However, if you are unhappy with any of your tracks, please contact us and we will make it right.

Won't rehearsal tracks keep my students from learning music literacy?

We’re so glad you asked. We are passionate about music literacy and see our rehearsal tracks as a rehearsal tool, not a replacement for learning notes and rhythms through robust music literacy. Our tracks replicate the experience of a live choir for singers so they can strengthen their part outside of your rehearsals and come back together confident and ready to make beautiful music.

Where can I find your full terms + conditions?

You can find full terms + conditions here.