Creating an exceptional choral performance requires dedication, hard work, and a keen attention to detail. As choral directors and singers, we understand the importance of perfecting notes, rhythms, and dynamics while infusing emotional and artistic elements that breathe life into a piece of music. In this pursuit of excellence, choral rehearsal tracks have emerged as indispensable tools that can enhance the learning process and elevate choir performances to new heights. Let’s dive deeper into the significance of using choral rehearsal tracks and how they can benefit your choir in profound ways.

Artistic Interpretation and Genre-specific Expertise:


One of the greatest strengths of choral rehearsal tracks lies in their ability to provide all of the correct notes, words, and rhythms. Kinnison Choral Co. goes a step beyond that to also provide appropriate artistic interpretation and based on the genre of the music. At KCC, we take pride in crafting tracks that accurately reflect the nuances and stylistic elements unique to each genre. Whether it is the soulful harmonies of Moses Hogan or the intricate polyphony of Palestrina, our tracks are meticulously designed to ensure that your choir practices and performs with accuracy and authenticity, while still allowing them to be molded under your direction. By offering a wide range of track styles, more than any of our competitors, we provide you with the tools to explore and excel in various choral genres.


Creating Safety and Confidence:


In the world of choral singing, there is safety and confidence in numbers. Our choral rehearsal tracks epitomize this concept by immersing singers in a studio-level audio experience that emulates a real choir. By utilizing real voices and high-quality accompaniments, our tracks sound remarkably authentic, giving your choir members a sense of belonging and support, rather than surrounded by just 3 other voices. This immersive experience fosters unity and boosts confidence, particularly for singers who may not have access to a large choir or are new to choral singing. With our tracks, your choir will be enveloped in a rich choral sound that inspires them to perform and practice at their best.

Perfecting Sight-Singing and Developing Musicality:


Choral rehearsal tracks can be utilized at various stages of the learning process. Once a piece has been effectively introduced and rehearsed (I prefer to teach new pieces on solfege), providing these tracks as practice tools, NOT learning tools, can significantly benefit your choir. Strong sight-singers can utilize them from the start using the part-specific mute tracks, enhancing their sight-singing skills and developing their musicality. For choirs that meet only once a week, giving singers the choral rehearsal tracks prior to the first rehearsal of the season encourages preparedness and accelerates the learning process. Rather than relying solely on note and rhythm learning, these tracks become aids in enhancing aural skills and musical interpretation.


Incorporating choral rehearsal tracks into your choir’s practice routine is a transformative approach to enhancing their performance. The ability to practice with studio-level recordings that capture the appropriate artistic interpretation for each genre creates an immersive and enriching experience for singers. With the added support of teaching resources and an expansive library of popular hits, our choral rehearsal tracks provide invaluable assistance to choir directors and singers alike. By effectively utilizing these tracks, you can empower your choir to achieve new levels of excellence, musicality, and confidence in their performances. Embrace the power of choral rehearsal tracks and witness the remarkable impact they can have on your choir’s journey towards choral brilliance.

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