Choral Rehearsal Tracks

Choral Rehearsal Track Packages for any style of music and any ensemble arrangement.

Kinnison Choral Co. helps directors like you to create life-changing moments with your singers. As former choral music teachers, we understand that the notes, rhythms, text, and many more foundational aspects of choral singing must be learned in order to reach those moments. Our Choral Rehearsal Track Packages help singers by allowing them to rehearse to the sounds of a full choir at home with the help of the comprehensive track styles.


Charlie + Carrie's choral rehearsal tracks have been used by choirs across globe for festivals, honor choirs, schools, churches, and many more!


Kinnison Choral Co.'s Choral Rehearsal Track Packages are the most comprehensive in the industry.


Charlie + Carrie create your choral rehearsal track package customized for choir.

Constantly-Growing Song Library

We are constantly adding to our library with the most tried-and-true and popular hits as they come out for high school and adult choirs. We do have tracks that are appropriate for younger choirs as well, but focus on high school and adult/community level choirs.

Whether you download a choral rehearsal track package from our song library or order a new package, you will receive the following:

Full Mix: All parts sounding at the same time.

Accompaniment Track (if applicable): Plays only the accompaniment.

Part-Specific Tracks: Student’s voice part sounding alone with accompaniment (if applicable).

Part-Specific Left Tracks: Student’s voice part panning to the left, so student can practice with a “helper” on their part, while still hearing the other parts panned to the right.

Part-Specific Mute Tracks: The student’s voice part is muted while the other chorus parts are sounding. Singers can sing into the mix by themselves!

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Composer Demos

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Sounds Like a Real Choir

We know that the sound of our choral rehearsal tracks is unique in the industry because it is the closest sound to that of a REAL choir. There’s safety in numbers!

Most Comprehensive Rehearsal Track Packages in the Industry

We also offer the most comprehensive rehearsal track packages compared to our competitors which make for the most effective rehearsal tool for your singers. Specifically, we offer a part-specific mute track that allows your singers to sing their part alone while the other parts are sounding. All about building confident, competent choral singers!

Varied Styles + Emotions

We focus on singing perfect notes, rhythms and dynamics, while adding emotional and artistic elements that we know not all tracks can provide (and certain synth tracks cannot match!) We pride ourselves on singing each genre appropriately--you’re not going to sing Moses Hogan the same way you sing Palestrina. You practice how you perform so it should be artistically accurate!

Former Educators--We Get You!

The truth is, some track companies can’t relate to you. We’re educators at heart. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve spent nights at school planning. We’ve missed opportunities, family meals and events because of the time it takes to be a great choir director. Other track providers do not also include teaching resources--you’re just getting the tracks. We’re steadily adding these resources as quickly as we can to give you even more value, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Friendly, Humble, Personal, + Fast Customer Service

If you haven’t learned, we LOVE our customers and put a lot of effort into giving a good customer experience. You can call us or text us any time and we will take care of your needs.

Let’s just be honest. This is a concern of a lot of directors (and we think about it too!) We hear this all the time! And the short answer is – yes!

Our tracks are a great tool to assist your singers OUTSIDE of your rehearsals. Each singer receives the full effect of a choir and accompanist along with having the opportunity to polish their part for your piece of music.

We believe about choral rehearsal tracks that the synergy of singing together for six years and knowing each other so intimately translates to the quality of the track we are able to provide.

We are passionate about choral rehearsal tracks vocal music and we are dedicated to giving you the best product we can. We understand that the goal is to make memorable, life-changing music with your singers. We also know, as seasoned choral music veterans ourselves, that notes, rhythms, and text must be learned and rehearsed.