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I've worked with Charlie & Carrie on multiple projects professionally and highly recommend them! Their knowledge in both music and business is extensive. Their heart and expertise is top-notch. You need to work with Kinnison Choral Co.!!

Elizabeth Enright-PhillipsAuthor & Financial Coach

Kinnison Choral Co. provided beautiful, creative arrangements for my voice students to perform. His medleys were the highlight of our recital! Furthermore, both Charlie and Carrie provided helpful, stylistic practice tracks that made learning the mdeleys a breeze. I look forward to working with them in the future!

Heather Mckenzie-PattersonOwner - Patterson Performing Arts

True professionals in the musical services they offer! I have worked with Charlie on a few projects, and his work is not only of the highest quality and timeliness but also fantastic with offering suggestions and sound advice. Both Charlie and Carrie have immense talents and professionalism, and I highly recommend them!

Jordan BlackArranger, Singer, and Choral Director

Their voices are clear and their recordings are balanced. Their voices are more relatable to each different style, and they put in the emotion that is needed for my middle school aged kids.

Nancy KowalczykVocal Music Director - STEAM Academy Middle School

Kinnison Choral Co. recently helped me record, mix and produce my Christmas CD. They were kind, patient, meticulous, and professional in their work and this process. I can now share my CD with friends and family and am forever grateful for helping me acheieve this goal!

Erin RumaFuneral and Wedding Singer - Erin Ruma Music
  • Do you have an advanced choir that could use a foundation to polish notes, text, and rhythms and practices memorization at home or in the car?

  • Are you directing a piece of music for our clients that need a quick turnaround for learning the basics so that you can dig deep into the musical meaning?

  • Have you ever had a beginning choir with little or no choir members with the piano background to play parts for sectionals?

  • Do you work with, our clients or send your students to a summer camp, and wish they could rehearse the music before camp started?

  • Do you have music for All-State of All-District choirs that need rehearsal time outside of school hours?

  • Are you the director of a non-profit choir or church choir that only meets once a week?

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