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These tracks are a game changer. I can listen and rehearse my part, with ease. I’m so glad our choir director found you!

HelenA Choral Singer

My students had their parts memorized in just a few weeks because they had SO much fun singing along with the tracks.

EmiliyA Choir Director

I almost used an expletive when I heard their recording of my piece! They are ridiculously good!

GrahamA Composer

This has taken such a load off, knowing that there is another tool for each member in helping them to become better singers.

GeoffA Choir Director
  • Do you have an advanced choir that could use a foundation to polish notes, text, and rhythms and practices memorization at home or in the car?

  • Are you directing a piece of music for our clients that need a quick turnaround for learning the basics so that you can dig deep into the musical meaning?

  • Have you ever had a beginning choir with little or no choir members with the piano background to play parts for sectionals?

  • Do you work with, our clients or send your students to a summer camp, and wish they could rehearse the music before camp started?

  • Do you have music for All-State of All-District choirs that need rehearsal time outside of school hours?

  • Are you the director of a non-profit choir or church choir that only meets once a week?

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