Spring is finally here!

In Missouri where we live, it’s been a jarring mix of 75-degree weather one day and snow the next, so we hope you all are staying safe and healthy as the rehearsal year comes to a close.

We actually just battled some crazy allergies this past week that took us out for a few days – which prompted us to get up to date on the best ways to keep our voices healthy during allergy season!

We’ve all been there.

Here’s a quick way for your singers to remember some best practices this time of year – just…

“CHOP” It Up

(Our daughter is talking non-stop about karate these days so this is the acronym we came up with 🤣) Here’s how it works:

C: Clear your throat properly.

We need to make sure we are clearing any mucus from our throats in a healthy way, rather than coughing it up forcefully or clearing our throats harshly. Try a gentle silent cough or forceful exhale instead of a harsh clearing.

H: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Staying hydrated keeps any mucus in our systems thin and easier to clear. It also helps mitigate the effects of allergy medications, which can dry us out. While plain water is best, your throat may also feel better after herbal tea with lemon or honey.

O: See the otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) if needed.

The drastic symptoms of seasonal allergies that impact singing (like all that mucus, hoarseness, etc) should clear within a week or so, but if you have prolonged symptoms you may want to see a doctor to devise a longer-term strategy (spring does come every year!)

P: Keep your passages clear of mucus.

All of that phlegm rattling around in our systems irritates our vocal cords and makes it really hard to sing. When we sing, it gets disturbed and it can be challenging to sustain any quality sound when we have mucus dancing around. We also want to make sure we clear our our sinuses so that we don’t develop an infection. To do this, you may try a neti pot or steam shower.
We’re in the trenches with you all — things are looking up this week but who knows what the next wave of warm weather will have in store for us! Hopefully everyone is staying healthy!

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