Is using choral rehearsal tracks cheating?


The better question may be:


Are you cheating your singers by giving them choral rehearsal tracks? Well the answer to both questions depends on how you answer my 3 question quiz. Before taking the quiz, I think it’s important to define Choral Rehearsal Tracks.


What are Choral Rehearsal Tracks?

Choral Rehearsal tracks consist of a professionally sung demo of a choral piece that also offers the individualized vocal parts for singers to practice along with on their own. All parts are properly aligned to one another, which can make these tracks an ideal tool for a virtual recording. Professionally recorded rehearsal tracks are sung with shape, articulation, dynamics, and beautiful tone. On top of that, singers have several ways to practice:

  1. With the full, balanced recording
  2. With their part alone
  3. With their part in one ear and all other parts in their other ear
  4. With all parts except their own part playing, so they learn to hold their part




A choral rehearsal track can be a tremendous aid or it can be a debilitating crutch for your singers and choral program. These 3 questions will determine whether it’s in your choir’s best interest to use choral rehearsal tracks. Choose the answers that best describes your choral program…

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