Get lifetime access to our ENTIRE library of choral rehearsal tracks + teaching resources that we create for the most tried and true choral repertoire for high school and adult choirs. Connect to YOUR passion for each piece you direct, take the “heavy lift” of planning off of your plate, and give your singers actionable material to rehearse with outside of your time together so they come ready to make the most beautiful music possible.

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Our Lifetime Membership allows you to get access for life to our entire song library of choral rehearsal tracks, which contains repertoire curated especially for high school and adult community choirs (non-member price $42.99-47.99/song) + all the teaching resources we create for these songs.

  • Save time when singers rehearse their parts outside of rehearsal using tracks that sound like a REAL choir (#safetyinnumbers)
  • Free up your hands to direct by using accompaniment tracks or mute-tracks for testing where singers sing their part into the mix
  • Empower your singers whether you’re rehearsing virtually, in-person, or hybrid
  • Jump-start your rehearsal planning by offering custom rehearsal plans, warmups or other resources for each song (no more reinventing the wheel!)
  • No more chasing your fine arts director, principal, executive director for permission to purchase a large item. One time and you’re done!

Our Entire Library of Choral Rehearsal Tracks

Our quickly-growing library includes 70+ of the most tried-and-true choral pieces for high school and adult choirs, and we are adding more every week! We will add another 50 of the most tried-and-true and popular choral songs by the end of 2021.

If you need us to create choral rehearsal tracks for a song we don’t currently have in the library, you can order a new rehearsal track package for our regular rate of $150/song.

Teaching Resources for Each Song

We are partnering with some of the best choral music educators in the country to help us add warm ups, teaching plans and activities to each song’s download folder. We are the only choral rehearsal track providers on the market who also include these helpful resources!

By now, you probably have a good idea whether this is right for you, but just for a reminder, the Lifetime Membership is best for:

  • High school or community choir programs that want lifetime access to rehearsal tracks for the most tried-and-true choral literature + the most popular new choral pieces each year!
  • Singers who want to sing along with the sound of a REAL choir to rehearse and polish outside of regular rehearsals (we record each part twice to give you that feeling!)
  • Directors who do (or plan to do) virtual choirs and want the choir to have tracks to sing along with

Kinnison Choral Co.'s choral rehearsal tracks have been especially helpful for distance learning and I truly appreciate the beautiful musicality that is modeled for my students.

Stephanie AlleeSaint Louis Priory School

We have been working with Kinnison Choral Co. for the last two years. Their rehearsal tracks are impeccably produced and are invaluable tool for our choir to learn their voice parts. They deliver a high-quality product in a very timely fashion. Highly recommended.

Tom PtacekLogistics Manager - Community Gospel Choir of St. Louis

When it is come to learning tracks I only work with Kinnison Choral Co. My tracks are always done in a timely fashion and they are perfect. The students enjoy listening to them and I enjoy having them as they have made my rehearsals easier. If you need rehearsal tracks – this is the place to go.

Maria A.

The Kinnisons have my enthusiastic recommendation! They have excellent arrangements and the rehearsal tracks they create are high quality.

Dr. David WrightMusic Judge, Composer, Arranger - Barbershop Harmony Society

It's super simple. Within 24 of payment processing, you’ll receive a code that will give you a 100% discount on any item in our library for LIFE. You can use this to quickly download choral rehearsal tracks (and any teaching resources we add) for any song you’d like.


What if I direct multiple choirs? Can I use my Lifetime Membership for both choirs?

Yes! You can use your Lifetime Membership for each institution you work with (school/church/non-profit organization, etc). For example, if you direct a church choir and a high school choir program and want to download tracks for all of these choirs, you can use your one Lifetime Membership for each of these choirs.

There are lots of people who make tracks. Why are you guys different?

Let us count the ways…

  • We know that the sound of our choral rehearsal tracks is unique in the industry because it is the closest sound to that of a REAL choir. There’s safety in numbers!
  • We also pride ourselves on singing each genre appropriately (you’re not going to sing Moses Hogan the same way you sing Palestrina). You practice how you perform so it should be artistically accurate!
  • We offer more TYPES of tracks (in particular, the mute track, which removes the singer’s part and lets them practice singing into the mix). This builds literacy and confidence. You won’t find this kind of track with every other provider.
  • As far as we know, we offer the quickest turnaround time for any new songs you’d order (10 business days–others can take a month or more).
  • The truth is, some track companies can’t relate to you. We’re educators at heart. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve spent nights at school planning. We’ve missed opportunities, family meals and events because of the time it takes to be a great choir director.
  • Other track providers do not also include teaching resources–you’re just getting the tracks. As you’ll recall, we’re adding these resources as quickly as we can to give you even more value, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • If you haven’t learned, we LOVE our customers and put a lot of effort into giving a good customer experience. You can call us or text us any time and we will take care of your needs. 

What is your refund policy for the Lifetime Membership?

Due to the nature of our digital library, we are unable to offer refunds. However, if you are unhappy with any of your tracks, please contact us and we will make it right.

Won't rehearsal tracks keep my students from learning music literacy?

We’re so glad you asked. We are passionate about music literacy and see our rehearsal tracks as a rehearsal tool, not a replacement for learning notes and rhythms through robust music literacy. Our tracks replicate the experience of a live choir for singers so they can strengthen their part outside of your rehearsals and come back together confident and ready to make beautiful music.

Where can I find your full terms + conditions?

You can find full terms + conditions here.

How does the price of the Lifetime Membership compare with other similar packages from other businesses?

You will find other packages that are around $1,200 PER YEAR for all your tracks. With our package, you receive lifetime access to our library (any songs we have recorded or WILL EVER record). Over the lifetime of a, say, 30-year career, you would pay $30,000 for the other package, and you’d pay $1,199 + $150 x (however many songs you think you’d send to us to record). Really, this is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, so it’s up to you what makes the most sense for your program.

What will happen after I join?

Within 24 hours of payment processing, you’ll receive a code that will give you a 100% discount on any item in our library for LIFE. You can use this to quickly download choral rehearsal tracks (and any teaching resources we add) for any song you’d like.

You’re in the trenches. Working toward a noble goal–a goal to change the world with music.

We’ve been there (and are there)!

People who haven’t been in your shoes may never understand all of the plates you spin to show up as the best director for your choir and help them create the most beautiful music they can–so you can change lives!

When I (Carrie) was teaching music on a cart, going from room to room in a building that was being renovated, my first teaching job, planning a wedding, and working with a student body with high numbers of IEPs–it was a lot.

But my before-school choir brought me LIFE. It was an optional activity–they wanted to be there.

Driving into work with a hot coffee, blasting my praise music and getting amped up for rehearsals, I can remember counting down the minutes until rehearsal started. I couldn’t wait to execute the plan I worked on, and see how much the singers had improved since last rehearsal after listening to the tracks I made for them.

That winter, we put together the first all-school concert the school had had in years, which culminated in almost 400 children of all races, creeds and backgrounds singing the finale together (“Child of Peace” by David Waggoner if you were curious).

It is one of my “highlight reel” moments and I will remember it forever!

This is what we are going for, isn’t it!?

And these Covid days–the odds can feel stacked against us.

Charlie now works with the Ambassadors of Harmony, a four-time international chorus champion of the barbershop harmony society, and we are so grateful that they’ve been able to keep the momentum going even with contest after contest (even the World Choir Games which was supposed to be in glorious BELGIUM! ouch) being cancelled.

But, week after week, the 120 men in this chorus practice with their rehearsal tracks, meet for rehearsals on Zoom or outside in the freezing cold in their cars, and put their heart into all they do.

Charlie hops on those evening rehearsals, sometimes tired from a long day with the kids, and works by directing his own arrangements for the chorus and leading his sectionals to polish parts and bring out the best in the singers. By the end of the rehearsal, he’s renewed again by the energy of his fellow singers.

It’s just what we do. It’s what YOU do.

You CAN do this.

Dr. Emily Williams Burch, Rise Chorales

Remember Emmy’s report about how much the singers obsessed over listening to the tracks?

The piece we recorded for her was challenging for her younger singers, but they had their parts memorized in just a few weeks because they had SO much fun singing along with the tracks.

This kind of thing lights us up. When we’re recording alone in a room (or singing to a computer screen during a Zoom rehearsal) we can forget that in some way, this music STILL goes out into the world and impacts it.

Maria A. Ellis, GirlConductor

“When it is come to learning tracks I only work with Kinnison Choral Co. My tracks are always done in a timely fashion and they are perfect. The students enjoy listening to them and I enjoy having them as they have made my rehearsals easier. If you need rehearsal tracks – this is the place to go.”

“I like the IDEA of getting my time back by using tracks and having more time to polish our pieces, BUT…

  • I won’t be a *real* director if I use something like this.”
  • what if my singers don’t actually use the tracks?”
  • my singers won’t learn to read music!”

Did we miss anything?

Trust us–we get it. Remember? We’re former music educators.

We’ve been there too, and we’ve gone through ALL the same thoughts you have.

It’s the normal, human reaction to any choice to automatically consider what could go wrong.

Along with our amazing clients, we’ve seen the impact that quality, passionate choral rehearsal tracks can have on a choir.

So just for a second, let’s think about if things could go RIGHT.

“I like the idea of getting my time back by using tracks and having more time to polish our pieces, AND…

  • I am so glad I found the right tool to help me live my calling in the world.”
  • the choir has already memorized the music in two weeks because they say the tracks are so fun to listen to. We’re wayyyy ahead of schedule for our virtual choir!”
  • my singers are even stronger music readers now that we can use tracks (instead of me plunking on the piano) for testing and sight reading exercises.”

The truth is, you fill some ridiculously huge shoes doing the job you do.

Planning, conducting, mentoring, teaching, fundraising, accompanying… the list goes on and on (and on and on and on).

It’s okay to ask for help.

In fact, it’s necessary. Especially during times like this.

The time is NOW.

Still have questions? Text us at 314-488-4814 and we will get back with you right away!