Lifetime Membership Terms + Conditions

Intellectual Property

These recordings are the sole property of Charlie + Carrie Kinnison and Kinnison Music LLC (doing business as Kinnison Choral Co.). All tracks are only authorized for use by the purchaser and his/her choir. Illegal distribution will result in legal action.

Mechanical Licensing

Purchaser is not responsible for obtaining the mechanical licenses for each song downloaded or purchased through Kinnison Choral Co.’s website. Kinnison Music LLC will obtain the appropriate mechanical licenses for each song purchased by each customer. Mechanical licenses will be obtained every quarter (every 3 months) in bulk. Please note that you can only make the number of copies for each singer you have. It is illegal to create copies that are not licensed.


  • The Lifetime Membership is a membership that covers unlimited downloads to Kinnison Music LLC (hereby doing business as Kinnison Choral Company)’s song library for the lifetime of the customer. A full one-time payment of $1,199.00 covers the Lifetime Membership.
  • With the purchase of this Lifetime Membership you may download as many songs as you wish from the song library. Each song that is downloaded under this Lifetime Membership will include the full and comprehensive choral rehearsal track package which includes a full mix track, an accompaniment track (if applicable), part-specific tracks, part-specific left tracks, and part-specific mute tracks. If Kinnison Choral Company ever adds to this package, the additions will be included for you to re-download as you wish.
  • If there is a piece of music or song that is not in our song library, you may order a new choral rehearsal track package at our normal rate listed on the order form online.
  • Under this Lifetime Membership, Kinnison Choral Company will only allow for downloads from the song library under the purchaser’s first and last name originally associated with the initial Lifetime Membership.
  • This Lifetime Membership is available only for customers who direct and/or teach a choir, chorus, vocal ensemble, choral group, vocal music class, general music class or any other terms associated with choirs. If a payment must be made under another name, please indicate that person’s role and/or connection to the choir/organization/school and list the director’s name in the memo of a check or simply have the person in charge of payment reach out to us at
  • The Lifetime Membership may be used for multiple choirs/organizations/schools as long as the original purchaser is directing and/or teaching and/or leading that choir/organization/school. For example, if you direct a church choir and a high school choir program you are allowed to download any songs in the song library for both choirs. If, however, you direct a high school choir and sing in a church choir (without directing), you are NOT eligible to download, reuse, rip, or share any songs from Kinnison Choral Company for the church choir. The church choir director would need to purchase a Lifetime Membership.
  • If it is found that you are illegally sharing choral rehearsal track packages associated with the Lifetime Membership outside of the allowed purchasing organization without the written consent of Kinnison Choral Company, legal action will be taken and your Lifetime Membership will be revoked immediately with no refund of any kind.
  • The Lifetime Membership begins no later than 24 hours after payment is processed and your personalized discount code is generated. Kinnison Choral Company will not allow for any membership downloads until payment is processed and your personalized discount code is generated.
  • Cancellation: All purchases are final.
  • Refunds: Refunds will not be given. However, if you are unhappy with any of your tracks, please contact us at and we will make it right.
  • All disputes arising under this agreement shall be resolved through mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful, the dispute will be submitted to binding arbitration.