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  • Created by a former and current music educator

  • 10+ years of classroom experience

  • Over 30+ years of choral ensemble experience

  • Recorded in a high-quality studio setting

  • Professionally produced using top notch industry tools

  • Hours of score study before final product is produced

Save Time

Say good-bye to playing parts during rehearsals

Challenge Students

Our comprehensive track package introduces new track styles for all levels of learners

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Send the tracks to your singers to polish OUTSIDE of rehearsal

Change the World

You will have time to work on the memorable music making that changes the lives of your singers forever

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Our clients LOVE our rehearsal tracks.

If you're looking for tracks that are FUN to rehearse with, go with the Kinnisons. I've used other tracks that sound like a single voice on each part and it wasn't fun to sing along with. With their tracks, it feels like you're immersed in a choir!

Jordan BlackBass Singer - Kantorei Denver

These rehearsal tracks helped these students immensely with rehearsing their music and being able to sing it well!

Emily VerdonkDirector of Honor Choirs - Michigan, US

I almost used an expletive when I heard their recordings! They are ridiculously good!

Graham KeitchComposer - England, UK

This has taken such a load off, knowing that there is another tool for each member in helping them to become better singers.

Geoff RobisonDirector: WA Show Choir - Perth, Australia

If you're looking for rehearsal tracks that will not just help your singers succeed, but also develop vocal independence and choral artistry, Kinnison Choral Company is the way to go!

Dr. Emily Williams BurchCoordinator of Music Education at University of South Carolina, Aiken and Founder/Artistic Director of RISE Chorales

I couldn’t recommend them more highly for choral educators looking for rehearsal tracks with a result that has an authentic choral sound.

Dr. Morgan LuttigHonor Choirs Chair: ACDA Southern Region

The Lifetime Membership will allow you to download any choral rehearsal track package from our Song Library FOR LIFE! If you fall into one (or even another) of these four categories, the Lifetime Membership was designed just for you.

Middle School Choir Programs

Middle school choirs can grow in their music literacy with the reinforcement and scaffolding aspects that rehearsal tracks offer.

High School Choir Programs

High school choirs can use rehearsal tracks to effectively work in sectionals. An added benefit for the director is the use of tracks for song testing for growth charts and data.

Community Choirs

Singers in community choirs will now have the opportunity to rehearse effectively at home and outside of their normal once-a-week rehearsal time.

Professional Choirs

We already have professional choirs using our choral rehearsal tracks to give the singers a chance to rehearse at home with the sounds of a real choir. Professional singers of our clients have the most fun rehearsing with our part-specific mute tracks.

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What if I direct multiple choirs at my school/organization? Can I use my Lifetime Membership for all of my choirs?

Yes! You can use your Lifetime Membership for each choir within the institution you work with (school/church/non-profit organization, etc). For example, if you direct a women’s chamber and a mixed choir and want to download tracks for both choirs, you can use your one Lifetime Membership for each of these choirs.

What if I leave my school/organization? What happens then?

The Lifetime Membership is both for the original choir director it was purchased for along with the school/organization. If the original choir director who the Lifetime Membership was purchased under leaves the school or organization, the Lifetime Membership will follow that choir director along with staying at the school/organization that completed the purchase. This applies to only the original choir direct who the Lifetime Membership was purchased under. The new director may use the Lifetime Membership through the school/organization, but it will not also follow them if they decide to leave.

Can I purchase the Lifetime Membership for my entire school district?

Yes. You can purchase multiple Lifetime Memberships for each school within the school district. If you have a teacher that works at multiple schools, you can just purchase it for that one teacher to use at the various schools where they teach.

Is the Lifetime Membership available to use for honor choirs, festival choirs, all-state choirs, etc.?

The Lifetime Membership is unavailable for use for any honor choirs, festival choirs, all-state choirs, etc. at this time. 

What is your refund policy for the Lifetime Membership?

Your funds will be held for 14 business days after payment is processed. If the Lifetime Membership discount code is not used within those 14 business days and you would still like a refund, you can receive a 100% refund. However, if within those first 14 business days the Lifetime Membership discount code is used or after those 14 business days pass, no refund will be offered due to the nature of digital products. If you are unhappy with any of your tracks, please contact us and we will make it right.

My district needs a quote for this before we can purchase. Where can I get one?

We understand that many districts need to get approval from the school board and/or fine arts coordinator before completing any purchase. If you need a quote to send to the appropriate people within your school district click here. Fill out the information and submit. You may download the invoice as a PDF and use that as the quote.

Where can I find your full terms + conditions?

You can find full terms + conditions here.

Ryan Main: Artistic Director of the Youth Chorus of Kansas City

Kinnison Choral Co. practice tracks have been a game changer for the Youth Chorus of Kansas City. As our organization has grown, we’ve been unable to keep up with the pace of creating practice materials for our singers, so we reached out to Kinnison for help, and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. The recordings are delivered in a highly organized and timely manner, and are always the highest quality. Kinnison puts students and teachers first by making sure the recordings are set at a learnable tempo, and reaching out with any questions to be sure the recordings are what you need.

Maria A. Ellis: Girl Conductor

When it is come to learning tracks I only work with Kinnison Choral Co. My tracks are always done in a timely fashion and they are perfect. The students enjoy listening to them and I enjoy having them as they have made my rehearsals easier. If you need rehearsal tracks – this is the place to go.

Dr. Morgan Luttig: ACDA Southern Region Honor Choirs Chair

Charlie and Carrie with the Kinnison Choral Company are the dream team! Their prompt responses and frequent check-ins were so appreciated with our mega ACDA Southern Region part-track project. I always knew where we were in the process which put my mind at ease. They were prepared while also being incredibly flexible, and every interaction was an all-around positive experience. I couldn’t recommend them more highly for choral educators looking for a customized part-track experience with a result that not only helps singers with notes and rhythms but also has an authentic choral sound.

People who haven’t been in your shoes may never understand all of the plates you spin to show up as the best director for your choir and help them create the most beautiful music they can–so you can change lives!

You’re in the trenches. Working toward a noble goal–a goal to change the world with music.

When I (Carrie) was teaching music on a cart, going from room to room in a building that was being renovated, my first teaching job, planning a wedding, and working with a student body with high numbers of IEPs–it was a lot.

But my before-school choir brought me LIFE. It was an optional activity–they wanted to be there.

Driving into work with a hot coffee, blasting my praise music and getting amped up for rehearsals, I can remember counting down the minutes until rehearsal started. I couldn’t wait to execute the plan I worked on, and see how much the singers had improved since last rehearsal after listening to the tracks I made for them.

That winter, we put together the first all-school concert the school had had in years, which culminated in almost 400 children of all races, creeds and backgrounds singing the finale together (“Child of Peace” by David Waggoner if you were curious).

It is one of my “highlight reel” moments and I will remember it forever!

This is what we are going for, isn’t it!?

And these days as the pandemic ebbs and flows every week–the odds can feel stacked against us.

But, this is what we do. It’s what YOU do. We plan as best we can, utilize the tools we have at our disposal, and trust that our best is enough to change the world.

You CAN do this.

“I like the IDEA of getting my time back by using tracks and having more time to polish our pieces, BUT…

  • I won’t be a *real* director if I use something like this.”
  • what if my singers don’t actually use the tracks?”
  • my singers won’t learn to read music!”

Did we miss anything?

Trust us, we get it. Remember? We’re music educators too.

We’ve been there, and we’ve gone through ALL the same thoughts you have.

It’s the normal, human reaction to any choice to automatically consider what could go wrong.

Along with our amazing clients, we’ve seen the impact that quality, passionate choral rehearsal tracks can have on a choir.

So just for a second, let’s think about if things could go RIGHT.

“I like the idea of getting my time back by using tracks and having more time to polish our pieces, AND…

  • I am so glad I found the right tool to help me live my calling in the world.”
  • the choir has already memorized the music in two weeks because they say the tracks are so fun to listen to.”
  • my singers are even stronger music readers now that we can use tracks (instead of me plunking on the piano) for testing and sight reading exercises.”

The truth is, you fill some ridiculously huge shoes doing the job you do.

Planning, conducting, mentoring, teaching, fundraising, accompanying… the list goes on and on (and on and on and on).

It’s okay to ask for help.

In fact, it’s necessary. Especially during times like this.

Still have questions?

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