Custom Choral Arrangements

Custom arrangements for any style of music and any ensemble arrangement.

Charlie’s arrangements have been performed by choirs at the Missouri Music Educator’s Association conference, select collegiate ensembles, International Chorus Champions of the Barbershop Harmony Society, award-winning quartets, and many more! The style you need can be customized to your fitting – contemporary choral, vocal jazz, gospel, show choir, pop, modern acappella, classical choral, etc. Charlie has created a style all on his own, borrowing elements from famous vocal groups, composers, and genres alike.


Charlie's arrangements have been performed by choirs all over the country.


Allow your choir to sing repertoire suited to their strengths. Sound like yourself - no one else!

Musical style can be customized to your liking!


Helpful + speedy support from the Charlie and Carrie themselves!

Want access to our LIBRARY of existing arrangements?


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